MalollanWear 60

Malollan60 is a heavy duty problem solver for rough material handling applications. It is a blend of natural and butadiene rubber, designed to provide the toughness required to handle materials in difficult applications, where high level of im-pact and abrasion exist. It performs best in most mining and mineral processing applications.

The combination of high resiliency and resistance to deformation makes Malollan60 the ideal solution in handling coarse-grained materials. In addition to outstanding wear performance, the resiliency and flexibility of the rubber compound enhances the flow of fine-material when mixed with larger product particles. Malollan60 is designed to be an integral part of the conveying systems. It protects the chute and transfer points.

Malollan60 can be tailor-made to clients’ requests. The standard sheet size is 9.25 m x 1.23 m nominal (approx. 30ft x 4ft) and the available thickness ranges from 3.0 mm to 35 mm (approx. 1/8” to 1 3/8”).

  • Exceptional wear and tear resistance
  • Highest flexibility for a hard rubber compound
  • Excellent resistance to cutting by sharp edged products
  • Good wet abrasion resistance


  • Hose linings: Malollan60’s unique cut/tear and abrasion resistant properties make it an ideal compound for a broad range of applications
  • Screen panels: Malollan60’s superior resilience minimizes plugging and blinding
  • Skirting Rubber: Malollan60’s unique combination of features make it ideal for skirting rubber applications
  • Abrasive environments where sticking and/or build up are major issues

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