Cold Resistant Conveyor Belts

Low temperatures can be a serious threat to conveyor belts. Freezing working environments will lead to a damage of the belt carcass and finally shorten the product’s lifetime. Malollan offers cold resistant conveyor belts for operating temperatures below -40°C. Due to special rubber compounds Malollan belts have a very low abrasion and a guaranteed excellent value for money.

The rubber compound is acting as a life guard to save the carcass. Additionally, the thickness of the top and the bottom cover rubber also helps to protect the lifetime of the conveyor belt. Therefore the thickness should always be considered – the Malollan Service Team will support and consult you.

Malollan cold resistant conveyor belts are mainly used in the northern hemisphere of Europe, Asia and North America and are installed in the mining, coal and chemical industry as well as in sectors of energy supply.

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